Mark McLaughlin ran his own tax practice, Mark McLaughlin Associates Ltd, from January 1998 to December 2018. Mark McLaughlin Associates was a tax consultancy practice, providing tax services to professional firms. He ceased the practice to concentrate on his consultancy role with the TACS Partnership (see below), his freelance tax writing and other activities.

Mark is currently a consultant with The TACS Partnership, which offers a complete range of UK tax services and advice. It provides its services directly to taxpayers and also to other professional advisers to support them in their delivery to their clients.

Contact Mark or The TACS Partnership for further information.

Freelance tax writing

Mark provides tax writing and editing services on a freelance or consultancy basis. Those services range from writing tax blogs for professional practice websites to producing bespoke content tax newsletters, tax articles and tax books.

Contact Mark for further information about the services available.