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A Guide to Mark McLaughlin Associates – by Mark McLaughlin CTA (Fellow) ATT TEP

Mark McLaughlin Associates is a tax consultancy practice, providing tax services to professional firms. These broadly include:

  • Tax Consultancy – Tax advice and planning services for professional practices, from HMRC enquiries to clearance letters;
  • Technical Support – Tax queries dealt with by letter, telephone and/or email, as appropriate:
  • ‘On-Site’ Tax Services – See below;
  • Newsletters, Booklets, etc – Tax material for Newsletters, Leaflets etc, custom written for your professional practice.

‘On-site’ tax services 

In addition to the more conventional methods of providing tax help for your practice (e.g. telephone, email or letter), on-site visits to your practice can be arranged on an occasional or regular (e.g. weekly) basis, depending on the location of your practice.

This additional service has proved very popular with existing client firms. It will often be more practical to have client files at hand when discussing tax issues. Having a consultant with you for the day also provides a ‘sounding board’ to discuss tax problems and planning opportunities on a more interactive and less formal basis.

Is Mark McLaughlin Associates suitable for your firm?

Mark McLaughlin Associates (MMA) was founded in January 1998. A number of the professional firms that joined MMA in 1998 and shortly after are still working with us.

MMA’s services are not advertised in publications or elsewhere. Virtually all the professional firms that MMA works with have come to us through word of mouth referral, or by seeing Mark McLaughlin’s name in books or articles or on TaxationWeb.

MMA’s clients are small to medium sized professional firms (ie. accountants and solicitors) without the necessary in-house tax expertise, including sole practitioners and 2-5 partner firms, although we work with some larger practices as well.

Because MMA’s clients comprise professional firms, there is no possibility of your firm’s clients being ‘poached’ (not that we would anyway!). We are not accountants, so do not prepare accounts. Nor do we undertake tax compliance work such as tax return preparation. We guarantee not to approach your clients in this way.

The most enjoyable part of MMA’s work is undoubtedly the relationships developed over time with the firms that MMA works with. This is also probably the reason why a number of firms are still with MMA after so many years. A relationship of trust and in some cases friendship takes time. Firms know exactly who they will be dealing with. Whilst interactions with firms will always be professional, they can be as formal or informal as the firm wants them to be.

MMA’s client firms receive regular Newsletters, to help them keep up-to-date with new tax developments and topical issues. Download a free copy from the Newsletters section.

Who should NOT use Mark McLaughlin Associates?

Certain areas of tax are highly specialised in nature. MMAs role as tax advisers is perhaps analagous to a general consultant in the medical profession. One would not expect a general medical consultant to perform brain surgery! Equally, MMA does not advise in certain fields. However, we may be able to find you a suitable source of professional advice in those areas.

For example, firms needing VAT advice are generally referred to VAT Advisers Ltd. Like MMA, they are an independent firm that act on behalf of professional practices. They also produce an excellent VAT Newsletter, which we pass on to MMA client firms.

We do not normally act for general taxpayers, except by referral. However, once again we can often refer taxpayers to potentially suitable accountancy firms for tax return and compliance services, as well as general tax advice.

MMA neither tolerates nor condones tax evasion. However, responsible tax planning is another matter. Any tax planning work undertaken on behalf of firms is bespoke, based on the client’s particular circumstances.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.